Howling Wolfe Magazine

Artists are invited to submit their work for consideration. Please email us, and we will send you questions, if accepted.



Hello there, readers and artists!

Authentic artists, who refused to sell-out, and who endured rough terrains to be heard and acknowledged, need a space that will not censor them, and offers them the respect they deserve. I have not come across a group that is as exploited, stifled, bullied and sabotaged as these soulful individuals.


Your stories will help empower others. Share your challenges and your triumphs, while giving your work the visibility it truly deserves.


Happy creation to all you writers, artists, filmmakers, game changers, and graceful human beings with true integrity and kindness.

Together, we can thrive and flourish, and contribute beauty and truth to the world.

I believe in you.

Yours truly,

J.S. Wolfe