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Welcome to my literary Wonderland.  

My pen name is J.S. Wolfe (Jazz), and I have been a writer all my life. 

I founded Involution Publishing to simplify other Authors' journey, and offer a wide range of writing and editing services for corporations as well.

I specialize in book editing, copywriting, and media kits that include: Press releases, presentations, brochures, slogans, and website content. Words make up the spine that holds the work in integrity, and brings it all together. Your identity and its intention are the heart of your unique presence. 

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J.S. Wolfe


"Life is not a journey of becoming, but one of unfolding." J.S. Wolfe


Vincent & J.S. WOLFE

Meet the Author and her dog Vincent Wolfe

J. S. Wolfe is a published author, professional editor, translator, and an experienced consciousness coach, with a specialty in character analysis. 

As an independent linguist, she set up Involution Publishing based in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Egypt, through which she offers writing, translation, and editing services, as well as support for other authors. 

She graduated from UCLA film school in 2003, and went on to work in the industry. Her film industry experience includes working with Cornelia and Martin Bregman (Scarface), Vincent Vieluf (Rat Race), and coaching Khaled Elsawy for Blue Elephant, Eyad Nassar for Moga Harra, and Afrah El Qobba among others. 

Upon publication, her book, The Unfolding: A Journey of Involution, landed on the bestseller list at El Shorouk Bookstore. During Christmas time of 2021, she published a memoir called The Pathology of Innocence, and she plans to publish three more titles in 2022. 

Thanks to curator Alejandro Beitler, she wrote press releases for international fine artists such as Susana Rodriguez (Argentina), John Silver (New York), and Miki (Japan) during her work at 48th Avenue Art Gallery in Manhattan. 

Her articles appeared in The Village Voice, The New Yorker, and DAM.

A renowned Meditation coach, she has worked with renowned TV personalities, including Amro Al Kahky (Al Nahar), Ahmed Fayek (Misr Tastatee3), and appeared with Ms. Essaad Younis and Rania Youssef on Sahibet El Sa3ada in an episode dedicated to the use of Meditation in coaching actors. 

Her first high-profile client was Brannon Bragha, writer and producer of Star Trek during her studies at UCLA. 

In addition to her work as a script reader for Gross-Weston Productions, she was a PR assistant at Levine Communications, where she organized Bob Hope events, which included The Bob Hope star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and his Book Soup in Hollywood, which commemorated his work. 

As a scholar of true crime, personality disorder, consciousness, and shamanism, she is passionate about these subjects. For twenty years, she conducted research on criminal and sub-criminal psychopaths, narcissists, and other personality disorders through visits to inmates on California's death row, as well as mental institutions and the general public. Her work helps save others from those engaging in modern-day dehumanization as a crime survivor herself. 


Dedicated to her healing journey, Ms. Wolfe strives to be of better assistance to others on the path. Her message is, we are never alone if we know where to look. 

Her life is a testament to her dogs, Vincent, Snoopy, and Apollo as well as her cats, Fluffy and Jojo, who have taught her a great deal about empathy, integrity, love, and loyalty that are the foundations of her work.

The Unfolding: A Journey of Involution
The Pathology of Innocence both of
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Readers' Reviews


The Unfolding: A Journey of Involution

Dubbed most life-changing in 2020.




Marco Salem,
Artisan Jeweller

A most interesting read, and a dive into human behavior

A must-read for all interested in learning more about human behavior. This book sheds light on so many aspects of humanity most neglect to see. The book is an enjoyable page-turner and offers enlightenment in a smooth, clear, and fun presentation.


Vince Vieluf,
Actor, Filmmaker

You are awesome!


Khalid Khalil,
Financial Analyst 

GENIUS! A genuinely new take on things, bringing forth critical issues in today's chaotic world. For what world are we manifesting for ourselves if we lack empathy? Brilliantly expressed and thought-provoking with a timeless message. 

Press Releases


Marco Salem,
Solitaire Jewellers and Bridal Estate, Honolulu, HI

This unique place is incredible thanks to its talented and special owner, Marco Salem. We had the honor to help create his website, and create engaging Instagram posts and designs. Click on his logo to browse his

stunning pieces.


Susanna Rodriguez,
Fine Artist, Argentina

What an artist... what a lady! I am honored to have written a press piece for her exhibition through 43 8th Avenue Gallery in the West Village, Manhatten, New York.

Press release published in The Village Voice, New York Times, among other publications


Fine Artist, Japan

A beautiful soul, sharing happiness and beauty all around the world. I have such an affinity for Elephants, and I am grateful I had the chance to be the one to write about her work in The Village Voice among other New York-based papers, as well as online.



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